Neo just released their 3.1 version; although I was using it for development already it’s always good to update the production servers as soon as a known stable new version is available.

For some projects I am using some plugins; mostly the Graphaware UUID plugin and APOC.

Obviously the latest release also requires the latest plugins. However when visiting the Graphaware site I found that the latest plugin available was for the 3.0.7 release:

Thus I had to update the production to 3.0.7 instead of the 3.1 I really wanted. Luckily I just found out that the 3.1 version is available; but in the repository and not as a download.

So guess where I am getting my downloads from in the future; yeah:

I already knew that APOC is always available at

Reminder to self: As I am using only the auto-UUID generation of Graphaware plugins I must investigate the uuid generation abilities of APOC. Getting rid of external dependancies is always good..